Team 21 Studio Inc.

Founded in 2020, Team 21 Studio Inc. is an Independent game studio specializing in Virtual Reality. Team 21 Studio Inc. is currently working on Ilysia™ the first true VRMMORPG.

group photo of the directors


Founder / President / Chief Creative Officer

Arthur has a great passion for the artistic side of game development. His favorite game genres include Action / Adventure, Platformers, RPGs, and MMORPGs. As the Chief Creative Officer, he is in charge of the overall art direction and world design for Ilysia.


Co-Founder / Chief Narrative Officer

Geoffrey has a great love of storytelling and history. He is drawn to games with compelling narratives and theming, as well as innovative and experimental player interaction. As Chief Narrative Officer, he is in charge of the overall story and quest progress for Ilysia. In addition, Geoff also lends his talents in 3D Modelling and Animating to the artwork and visuals of Ilysia.


Co-Founder / Chief Design Officer

Xander has a tremendous love for RPGs, MMORPGs, and Adventure games. Xander began a love of VR game development and design in 2016 when he started work on the first iteration of Ilysia. As Chief Design Officer, Xander leans on his deep experience and study of game mechanics to lead the overall game design and gameplay for Ilysia.


Chief Executive Officer

Tyler is a technology enthusiast with a deep passion for Business development and growth and a lifelong fan of RPG/MMORPG games. As a 20+ year veteran of the Software and Technology industry, Tyler draws on his experience in startups and Fortune 100 Companies to bring his leadership and expertise in handling Business Strategy, Development, Management, and Operations to Team 21 Studio, Inc.

Team 21 studio, Inc. is working with a team of 18 dedicated professionals across Development, Creative, Community, and Business disciplines. If you are interested in joining our team, please check out our Careers page for any open positions.